Analog Modem

Analog Modem
Analog Modem by Ness

I’m getting really tired and sleepy, it’s way past 8 pm and I’m still at the office working on this new servers. I suddenly remembered that I took a wide angle macro close-up of our new analog modem that I installed this morning on our server, so I said to myself, hmm, why not make a post. So here it is.

Converted it to black and white using Lightroom and use it’s built in graduated filter to add a little blown out effect on the center near the top.

When I took the photo this morning I really wanted it to have a little blown out highlight on that spot, I thought the sun that was coming in from the windows were bright enough, when i opened the photo in lightroom, it turns out it’s night bright enough, so I use the graduated filter feature to boost the exposure and brightness a little on that part of the photo.

Camera Gear :

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