Santa Came and Ate the Cookies

Santa Came
Santa Came and Ate the Cookies. Did he, really?

Merry Christmas everyone, It’s December 25, 2010. Are you enjoying it. I bet you all are. I am. This morning I woke up early around 5:45am, everyone else are still asleep. I went to the living room to turn off the all the lights on the christmas tree that were left lit all night when I notice the plate with only two cookies left and the glass of milk. Wow, he really did drop by. Did he? Well, I thought this would be a great subject for today’s Photo of the Day.

Here’s another from a five year old artist. I love the card. I wouldn’t have come up with that if someone ask me to make one. Priceless.

From a Five Year Old
This Treasure is Priceless

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30 thoughts on “Santa Came and Ate the Cookies

  1. Flickr: Joanna Loukas

    beautiful !
    Wishing you a happy life longer than your shutter speed
    and an imagination wider than a fish eye lens
    and a deep good sight better than a 500 m super zoom lens…
    and Happy New Year ♥ ♥ ♥