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Below are the bags, pouches, belt and straps that use I carry all of my camera gear to and from locations. Updated July 14, 2015

loweproflipside400awLowepro Flipside 400 AW Backpack This is where I store my sports gear for transport to locations. Inside I have a Canon EOS 7D with EF 70-200mm F/2.8 attached, a Canon EOS 5D with a Tokina 16-28mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens, a Canon EF 400mm F/5.6L, a EF 50mm F/1.4. I also have a Canon 580EX, Rogue Flash Bender and a lot of other small stuff like, cf memory cards, camera batteries. . It features a adjustable dividers allow custom organization inside the roomy main compartment, a mesh-covered, padded waistbelt, back pad and contoured straps for added comfort and wicking away moisture; a hideaway tripod holder to secure a tripod or monopod to backpack; built-in memory card pockets on inside panel; front storage panels and mesh pockets for storing additional gear; Hypalon SlipLock attachment loops for SlipLock compatible products; a built-in All Weather Cover; and silent zipper pulls.

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Lowepro Fastpack 350 Camera/Laptop Backpack. This is what I used at times when I needed to bring a laptop with me. I can easily fit a 15″ laptop, a body with a 70-200mm F/2.8, a flash and additional 2 to 3 lenses. Now that I carry a mirrorless and an 11 inch laptop, I don’t use this much, I prefer a messenger bag with a camera insert like the Tenba 638-251 Messenger Removable Photo Insert (Gray) or the BESTEK Universal Camera Liner Insert Partition . That I will fit in most messenger bag.

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Think Tank Skin 50 V2.0 Belt Pouch for Various Wide Angle Lenses with Hood.  A must have for every event photographer, fits a medium telephoto, a ultrawide angle lens. I use it mainly to store 1 lens a 50mm or the Tokina 16-28mm, memory cards, extra batteries and mobile phone and other small accessories. I love this pouch, it can carry a lot of small gear and it has a built-in rain cover for additional protection. Click here for review.

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Think Tank Lens Drop.  The Think Tank Lens drop belt pouch allows you to drop-in your lens or teleconverter without the need for using caps. Unique pull closure keeps your lens securely in place with lens hood in shooting position, even when it sticks above the rim of bag. Great pouch for on the go used just drop your lens inside for a quick and easy switch and just grab it again when you need to to use it. It also has a built-in rain cover for additional protection. Click here for review.Amazon | Adorama | B&H

————————————————————————————THINKTANKSKIN75V2The Think Tank Photo Skin 75 Pop Down V2.0 can easily convert to fit your 70 – 200 f/2.8 with the lens hood in position or reversed. Pop-down the bottom of the pouch when you need the lens hood in the shooting position. Leave it up if you don’t use a lens hood or if you want a more compact carrying solution with your lens hood reversed. I have two of these, one for my EF 70-200mm F/2.8L and the other one is for my Canon EF 400mm F/5.6L. They are perfect companion for my big and heavy lensees.  It also has a built-in rain cover for additional protection. Click here for review.Amazon | Adorama | B&H


speedbeltv2Think Tank Pro Speed Belt V2.0, Padded Small-Medium Size Protect your back! Designed for comfort, this fully padded waist belt allows you to Rotate or Lock Modular, Skin, and Multimedia components for even weight distribution.Amazon | Adorama | B&H



Lowepro S&F Lens Exchange 200 AW. This allows a one-handed lens exchange, which is great when covering events or games. This is my go to lens carrier before I found out about the Think Tank Photo Skin Products. It is a great lens pouch and really is useful when switch lenses, but it’s bulky, and hard to use/wear in tight places.

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Messenger Bags


Tenba 15-inch Black Messenger Camera/Laptoop Bag

Fits most 15-inch laptops, removable photo insert, easily holds D/SLR body, 3 lenses, flash, magazines and files, in addition to your laptop. Exterior of 1000 Denier Nylon: the most time-tested and proven outdoor textile ever; the optimal combination of strength, durability, light weight. Over 20 pockets and compartments to keep mobile hard drives, cell phone, MP3 player, cables, chargers, pens, and business cards.

This is my most used bag. I really like it because of the removable photo insert, perfect if you switch bags frequently. I can easily fit my entire micro four thirds mirrorless gear in this bag. A OM-D E-M5, EPL7, Panasonic 14mm, 20mm Pancake lenses, Oly 45mm, Panasonic 100-300mm, FD 50mm  F/3.5 Macro lens,  YN-560II Speedlight, ttl cord, camera and  speedlite batteries and a lot more.



Tamrac 5618 Black Turbo CyberPro Photo/Laptop Briefcase

This bag has a lot of features that fits DSLR Shooters. I got this a long time ago to carry my DSLR gear when I travel.But now that I use my mirrorless gear most of the time, I don’t use this bag anymore. It’s too big and too deep for mirroless cameras. for It’s actually in like new condition.



Tenba 638-251 Messenger Removable Photo Insert (Gray)

Comes standard in all Tenba Messenger Bags, and available separately as replacement or for use in other suitable bags. I love the one in my Tenba messenger bag, I bought another one. I used it to separate my mirrorless gear. One photo insert for my Fuji System and the other one  for my Micro four thirds system.




BESTEK® Universal Camera Liner Insert Partition Protective Bag Cover waterproof shockproof for SLR DSLR TLR Camera

  • Made of high density nylon, rain-proof, anti-wrinkle and anti-scratch.
  • Padded liner keeps the camera from shock and scratches.
  • Detachable divider sticks on the liner, easily dividing the camera from lens and flash.
  • Capacity: DSLR/SLR camera and a camera lens, size:11″x 8″ x 5″.
  • Foldable, lightweight, and portable. Well-matching a backpack or shoulder bag.

Perfect for my DLSR on the go needs. I used this to hold my Canon EOS 5d or EOS 7D with the ef 35mm F/2, EF 50mm F/1.4 and the EF 85mm F/1.8




Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

It is a great bag, it’s made of high quality durable material and I can see that it will last a life time, this bag can take the beating, it’s comfortable to carry while walking and while riding my road bike even if I fill it with my camera gear. Another  great feature I love about it is, it’s expandable, with plenty of accessory pouches from Red Rock Outdoor and other manufacturers, the possibility to expand this bag is endless. For an everyday carry bag, it’s great, for what I intend to use it for, at least for me, it’s ok. It is not a camera bag and it was not design to be a camera bag, it does not have dividers inside to separate the lenses and camera bodies. To protect my lenses I have to use lens pouches which you can get for a really cheap price from Amazon.



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