Chinese Bamboo Tree for Day 24 Tree Tuesday

Chinese Bamboo tree or the Lucky Bamboo is one of my favorite plant because it is so easy to care for and according to Asian beliefs especially Chinese, it can bring good luck especially if it was given to you as a gift.

Shot in manual mode using EM5 and the M.Zuiko 45mm F/1.8. Auto ISO 640, F/2.0, 1/200,

But before rushing to your local Asian Mart or flea market to get some, please remember that you must get them in groups and take note of their meaning:

  1. Lucky Bamboo Stalk – signifies, simplicity, the Chinese meaning of one is of truth or commitment.
  2. Lucky Bamboo Stalks – signifies good luck, and some believe two stalks will double your luck. These are also given as gifts for love and marriage.
  3. Lucky Bamboo Stalks – will bring happiness, success and change in life.
  4. Bamboo Stalks – 4 means negative, so four stalks are never given and is considered as a bad luck.
  5. Lucky Bamboo Stalks –  associated with the Chinese five elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal, the number five represents balance or the peace between elements when they are in balance. Signifies good life and career.
  6. Lucky Bamboo – signifies happines, harmony and success in life and business.
  7. Lucky Bamboo – No. 7 signifies overall good health
  8. Lucky Bamboo – the no. 8 usually signifies prosperity and wealth.
  9. Lucky Bamboo – signifies good luck and grants great luck to whoever receives nine Stalks of Lucky Bamboo
  10. Lucky Bamboo Stalks –  if someone gives you a 10 Lucky Bamboo, it means that the person wants you to feel complete and perfect.


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