Flashpoint “O” Twin Flash Bracket For Macro Photography

I was looking for a some sort of dual flash bracket that I can use for shooting macro, I need the flash bracket to accommodate two flash on each side for better illumination of the subject.

Then as I was searching Amazon for dual flash brackets, I found this, the Flashpoint “O” Twin Flash Bracket, this looks like a great solution and exactly what I’m looking for.

According to it’s description, it was designed specifically for macro (close-up) and portraiture. Wow!!!. It’s an ideal solution for producing light from multiple angles. It has 2 C shaped brackets tracks, attached together to form an O allowing the user to attach two flash units. Both flash units can position vertically or horizontally depending on your needs.

Ideal for placing twin flash units at both sides for producing multiple angled lighting source which results in having your subject effectively appear more 3-Dimensional.

The length of the bottom bar is extendable for matching different lenses with varying lengths. Estimated street price is around $28.00-$29.00

My only concern is, will it hold two flash with the size of a 430EX II or 580EX II?

You can get it from :

  • Adorama – Standard shipping :$3.95
  • Amazon– Standard shipping : $6.94
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