Google’s New Photo Sharing Website, Photovine.Com Goes Live

The Big G’s New Photo Sharing Service, Photovine.Com went live today with a few mystery on it. On the site you’ll see an image of an iPhone instead of Google’s own Android Phone. What’s Photovine anyway? Photovine is a community for users to share photos and comment on others, very much like flickr. But here, vines connect you with people through the ideas and themes expressed in your photos. It’s more about connecting with people than sharing photos with your friends, now wait, that’s like Google Plus / Facebook. Now I’m really confused.

According to the sites Support / FAQ, which has since been removed, the service let’s build a photo collection around an idea or theme using photos submitted by other members, these collections are what they call vines which makes use of tagging or theme like fireworks, these vines now grows if other members begin adding their own photos to your vine.

For now the service is in testing phase and only invited people can participate. Request one now and maybe you’ll get lucky. Photovine.Com

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