Great To Be Back

At last, my first post of the year. I was really busy since the start of the new year. I have been really struggling to find time to post here and to my GPlus and FBook pages. But today I did it, and hopefully it's a start.

I have been really busy juggling between my main job as a net admin and part time high school sports photographer in the afternoon. It's a really fun learning experience and I'm really thankful for the opportunity. I will posting more of my sports photography experience in the next few days.

Going back to the photo above, This is Coby of the Smithsonian National Zoo. She was born May 26, 2004. The National Zoo exhibits two female gray wolves, that arrived in July of 2012 from the Calgary Zoo. You can see them at the newest exibit at the zoo, "The American Trail"


More Info: Last time I was at the National Zoo, the American Trail exhibit was still close, I was surprised when I saw that it is now open to the public. It was past 5pm and close to getting dark when I got there, and when I saw this mighty gray wolf standing on top of the ridge, I said to myself, WOW, I got to take this, so I took out my EF 400mm, took some shots. This one was taken at 1/400, F/5.6 with an ISO of 3200. I had to boost my ISO to 3200 because it was getting dark. It did have some noise, but that is to be expected and can be removed in post using lightroom 4. I also added some vignette and finishing touches in LR4.


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