Lightbox is Simply The Best Instagram Like App for Android

Since I got my T-Mobile G2X last month, I have been searching for an Instagram like App for Android. I’ve tried a few but so far, I got stuck with Lightbox. With lightbox you got it all in one place, all you need to do is open the Lightbox Camera App, snap, enhance and upload to mylightbox. I can upload to flickr, facebook, tumblr and post to twitter and foursquare in an instant.

What I like about lightbox is the fact that I can add effects on my photo in an instant, currently it has: Instafix (color correction), Ansel (high contrast black & white), Lomo (Russian toy camera / vignette), Testino (enhanced color depth), Retro (70s old film look), Redscale, Cross Process, B&W, Sepia, Cyano (blueprint), Portia, Fisheye, Dotty, 8 Bit, Georgia, Sahara (Vintage camera effect), and HDR (simulates high dynamic range imaging)

Spidey on my desk. T-Mobile G2X and Lightbox using Lomo Effect.

And with the latest update, it includes the new photo journal feature. The journal will automatically group together photos in a personal timeline. Here are the complete features of Lightbox 2.0 from the Lightbox Team.

  • Start your own photo journal:  We know creating photo albums can be time-consuming, so we now automatically create a timeline ofpostcards from the photos you upload, with each providing a snapshot of a moment from your life.  You can keep these postcards private or selectively share them with friends, family, or the entire Lightbox community.
  • Publish your story:  If you want to share your story with the world, your public photo journal is now published to your very own Lightbox website at  You can use your Lightbox to chronicle events like Occupy LA, record your adventure in Japan, or share your family memories.
  • Join the Lightbox community & get inspired:  We’ve created a newExplore section where you can find & follow Lightbox users in categories that interest you, such as art, fashion, and food, and get ideas for your own photo shoots!
Hot Coco
Hoto Coco. T-Mobile G2X and Lightbox using X-Pro Effect.

So far my experience with Lightbox is simply awesome. I like the app and it works great for me. If you are not yet on lightbox, it’s about time you try it. Head over to the Android Market to get your copy and have fun taking pictures.

Flower. T-Mobile G2X and Lightbox using X-Pro Effect.
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