New Toy. Olymus PEN E-PL1

Yesterday I got my Olympus PEN E-PL1 and boy, I can’t wait to try ┬áit. I only got the body and plan to use it with my current EF Lenses and FD Lenses. Here it is sporting a Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 USM. Using it was a big difference compare to DSLR, first off the menu and navigation of the E-PL1 is somewhat confusing, second, I’m missing the viewfinder, (maybe I need to get one) and third, since I’m using a EF to Micro 4/3 lens adapter to use the 50mm, autofocus isn’t possible and my aperture cannot be adjusted. But despite it’s limitation, I can say that I like the quality of images and it is really fun to use.

Here are some sample photos. All of these were shot in raw and no enhancement was done. Exported to jpg from Lightroom 4.

[nggallery id=99]

Why I choose the E-PLS?

I wanted a small camera that is easy to carry but will still give me good image quality, 2nd is the cost, the E-PL1 has significantly decrease, I only got mine, refurb for only $159, and it looks brand new. ( I only bought the body. ) To use the E-PL1 with my current EF Lenses I bought a Canon EOS EF Lens to MFT Micro 4/3 Four Thirds Mount Adapter for only $18.xx, I also bought a FD to Micro 4/3 Lens adapter FD to Micro 4/3 Lens adapter so I can use a FD Lens with it.

A few things you have to remember when using your lenses with these adapters, you current Canon EF lenses, won’t have autofocus, and the aperture cannot be adjusted at all. If you need to change the aperture you have to attached it back to a canon dslr in order to change the aperture.

Here are more photos of the Olympus E-PL1:

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