SimplyNess.Com Photography Blog and Lehtsen.Com is moving to a New Host

SimplyNess.Com and Lehtsen.Com is moving to a New Host. Today I’m moving my servers to a new host, DNS Updates has already been started and this could take at least 24hours to replicate on all domain names servers. During this time the sites may be a little hard to access, hopefully it’ll be smooth transition to the new host.

For the past two years I’ve been using ProVPS’s Virtual Private Server (VPS 768) for $30/month, with 32gb disk space, 768mb of memory and 600gb of bandwidth with 2 ip address. I have been satisfied with the service but $30/month is getting a little hefty, and I’ve notice some performance degradation so I did some research on new vps hosting and I found Developer VPS offered by MyHosting.Com with this package I get a lot more than I’m getting with ProVPS 768 Package. Check this out:
18.55/month provided you sign-up for a year, if not it’s 19.95/month
1280 MHz Guaranteed CPU
1 GB Guaranteed RAM
40GB Guaranteed Disk Space
600 GB Bandwidth Free
1 Free IP Address
Disaster Recover Backups
Additional IP Address costs : $1.50

That’s the best deal for VPS hosting I’ve found so far. Right now Myhosting.COm is offering vps123: 3 months free for annual signup, 4 months free for 2 year signup, 6 months free for 3 year signup.. I’ll post updates on the moved once it’s completed.

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