Bad Experience with HKYongNou. Not so Bad After All

Update: January 05, 2011

Today, I got an email from HKYongNou stating that they are willing to refund the money. Read the Email below:

Hi friend,

Sorry for this late response, I just came back from my holiday today.

I’m very sorry to hear you still don’t receive them.
As you know, I did ship it out to you for a long time.
and this delayed shipment was caused by the bad weather and peak season.]

I’d like to refund to you fristly, and when you receive it finally, could you please do me a favor to repay or return it back to me?

It would be much appreciated!

Waiting for your response.

By the way, could you please help me to remove the negative feedback after I refund to you?

Wishing you a good day.

Thank you and best regards,


I bought two flash from HKYongNou Equipment on ebay on November 11, 2010, the YN-460 and YN465. Unfortunately up to now, it still hasn’t arrived and now they stop responding to my emails. On the first 3 emails that I sent, they kindly ask me to wait for a week more citing reasons like, it’s peak season, there were delays because of the holiday season, and they promise to refund or send another delivery if I didn’t get the order. Somehow, I understand their situation, so I waited, but now, after almost two months of waiting, they have stop responding to my emails, and of course, no refund. On their last email they mentioned that there’s nothing they can do, and all I can do is wait. So Please don’t be fooled by this Chinese sellers on ebay, it’s better to buy on a reputable store, in the U.S. or on your own country.

If you have a bad experience with this ebay seller HDYongNuo Equipment, please share it here, post a comment below, so others can read it and hopefully save them from buying from this company.

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