DIY L Plate / Bracket For Canon Rebel XS / XSi / T1i

DIY L Bracket-03159

DIY L Bracket-03159, originally uploaded by sweetspot@f8.

This is the DIY L-Plate I made for my Canon Rebel XS. For those who are not familiar with an L-Plate. An L Plate will allow the photographer to mount the camera vertically. You can switch between horizontal and vertical without recomposing.

Authentic L-Plates from the top manufacturers, costs around $120 to $199, I couldn’t see myself spending that much for an L-Bracket.

My version of L-Bracket cost me less than $10.00, it may not be perfect but, it does the job and will probably fit most entry level dslr.

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Here are the materials I used :

Stanley-National Hardware¬† 8″ Corner Brace

It’s easy to make this kind of L-Plate, all you need to do is attached your two quick release plates on both sides of the Angle Bracket, like the one on the picture. Attached one end on the bottom of your camera and your done.

I’m using a Vanguard SBH-300 Large-Format Magnesium Alloy Ballhead with Two Onboard Bubble Levels that comes with a QS-45 quick shoe. I also have a backup plate/quick shoe, the Vanguard QS-46 Large Format Quick Shoe with 1/4″ and 3/8″ Camera Mounting Screws Compatible with Tracker B-200 and B-300 Tripods

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