Black and White HDR, Really? Yes HDR can be in Black and White.


7-Eleven from Across the Street

I’m really into HDR lately, Yeah baby!!!, and this week, I’m experimenting on Black and White HDR, you can see all of them here at the blogs at Simplyness.Com. When I started doing HDR, I said to myself that it would be a waste to convert this beautiful range of colors into Black and White, well now I know I’m wrong. Seeing the world in Black and White HDR really change the way I see things. It opened up more creative possibilities to my photography.

I was amazed with the photo above, right after I created the HDR, but I was stunned, right after I converted it to Black and White. Removing the color really changes everything, by eliminating the color, I’m eliminating the distraction which sometimes prevents us from seeing the creative beauty of an image.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Camera Gear:

You can read my short HDR Primer below:

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