HDR Wednesday : HDR Primer


Sample HDR Photo of row boats.

What is HDR?
HDR or High Dynamic Range is a post processing technique that involves taking multiple photos of a scene using different exposures, darkest(under expose), normal exposure, and lightest(over expose) and later combining them together to achieve the so called high dynamic range which is not visible with a single normal exposure.

With advancement of new softwares like PHOTOMATIX Pro 4, NiK HDR Efex Pro, and Topaz Labs Topaz adjust, it is now possible to create an HDR from a single photograph.

Do I Need To Shoot in HDR? Why?

No, not really but there are times where you will need to or would want to. Here’s why, our camera’s even the latest DSLR’s in the market are not capable of capturing a scene the way our eyes can. In short, our eyes are a 1000 times more capable of seeing high dynamic range than any DSLR out there, and the only way to capture those High Dynamic Range is through creating an HDR Image.

What You’ll Need:

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Tunnel Vision
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