Dark Waters II


Camera :Sony DSC-V1 Cyber-shot 5MP Digital Camera w/ 4x Optical Zoom
Nightshot : Enabled to remove the IR blocking filter
I’m now using the original 58mm Lens Tube adapter that came with my Sony Conversion Lens. There are two available, the Sony VCLDEH07V Wide Angle Conversion Lens for DSCV1 Cybershot and theSony VCL-DEH17V Tele End Lens, both comes with built in adapter. The TelePhoto Conversion Lens uses the 58mm thread so you can use any 58mm sized filters and the wide angle conversion lens uses the 48mm thread size.

I have also ugraded my IR filter to a Opteka HD² 58mm R72 720nm Infrared X-Ray IR Filter and I’m also using a combination of Hoya NDx8 – Filter – neutral density 8x – 58 mm and a Opteka 58mm High Definition² Multi-Coated Circular Polarizing Glass Filter

More Info :
Time : Between 3 and 4 PM
Condition : Sunny afternoon
Post Processing : None

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