National Botanical Garden and U.S. Capitol IR

U.S. Capitol from the National Botanical Garden

Camera : Sony DSC-V1 Cyber-shot 5MP Digital Camera
Nightshot : Enabled to remove the IR blocking filter
IR Filter : 52mm, 950nm IR Filter
Lens Filter Tube : 52mm
Focal Length : 72mm
ISO : 200
Exposure : 1/30 sec at f/2.8
Weather Condition : Cloudy
Time : 8:00 AM

If you are interested in getting into IR Photography you will need a IR Filter like these:

Here is a good site to get some information on how to use the Sony DSC-V1 Cyber-shot 5MP Digital Camera w/ 4x Optical Zoom for infrared photography.

Other info :
Digital Darkroom Apps:
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 for photo management and processing. I needed to adjust the Highlights and the Temp settings a little bit, I didn’t adjust the exposure and the brightness. For each of this photos, the Highlights runs between +10 to +15 and the Temp is between -5 to -20 to give it a cool feeling, you can play around and adjust it to +5 to +20 to give your photo a warm feeling. It really depends on how you like it and the subject on your photos, me, I like to give it a cool feeling.

I found this book to be a great resource for infrared photography.
Digital Infrared Photography
To record the “invisible light ” has always been an intriguing and fascinating experiment. The infrared part of the light spectrum is outside the range of what the human eye can see, but with a digital camera, we are able to record only this “invisible light ” while blocking the “visible ” part. The results are often unusual, yet beautiful, renderings of otherwise fairly common scenes.

Since as far back as the 1960 ‘s artists have experimented with analog infrared photography, as seen on the album covers of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa. But as we enter the digital age, new equipment and technology has opened up the exciting world of infrared photography to all.

Here is a great book to learn more about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers contains 624 pages of comprehensive and detailed coverage of all aspects of Lightroom. In this book you’ll learn how to:

• Work efficiently with images shot in the raw or JPEG format
• Import photographs with ease and sort them according to your workflow
• Create and manage a personal image library
• Apply tonal adjustments to multiple images quickly
• Integrate Photoshop Lightroom with Adobe Photoshop
• Export images for print or Web as digital contact sheets or personal
portfolios, in

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