Have Fun With Macro Photography After The Rain.

Rain can be fun and exciting especially if you are thinking of macro photography. That’s just what I did last Thursday. It was raining all morning and the moment the rain eased down, I went outside for some snapshots. At first I was overwhelm, but when I saw the droplets of water decorating the grass I was excited and couldn’t wait to have it photograph. It was really an amazing scene. Armed with my EOS 60d, EF 85mm F/1.8, a pro optic extension tube and my 430 EX II flash, I managed to create some excellent photos of water droplets. You can view them on my gallery here and here.

I used my 430 EX II flash to light the subject off camera mounted on a , because even though it was day time, there isn’t enough ambient light to illuminate the grass, first it was really dark and cloudy, and I was shooting at between f/9 and f/11. I cannot set my aperture to wider than f/8 because it will give me a very shallow depth of field and would be really hard to focus.  Thanks to the canon eos 60d’s ability to control external flash remotely using it’s built-in flash, I was able to light my subject without any hassle I didn’t use a tripod or a monopod with this photos, i brought some rubber mats with me so I can crawl down on my belly and really go down for a close-up shot.

Camera Gear:

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