Hover Fly

Canon EOS 60D with Tamron SP 180mm F/3.5. ISO 500, F/5.6, 1/320.
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I took this photo while walking in the woods, it took me sometime to find a good subject. Then I saw this dandelions on the side of the trail. As I moved into a crouching position, this little fella came and the rest is history. We’re both happy we found our subject. He had a feast with his flower and I had a good time taking photos of him.

I didn’t know what this little fella is until I posted this photo on G+. Thanks to  +Bee Thursday‘s comment, now I know that this is a Hover Fly under the family (Toxomerus genus).

  • In photographing insects/bugs it's good to remember that they are most active in the early morning hours. You can still find some during the mid day but not as many.

This photo was captured using the Canon EOS 60D and the lovely Tamron SP 180mm F/3.5 Macro Lens.  I wrote a review of this lens a while back that you can read here.

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