Macro Photography Tip : Using Patterns and Textures


Nature has a lot to offer and finding simple textures and patterns in subjects like leaves, rocks, trees, fruits can be very exciting and at the same time challenging. Patterns and textures contribute a lot to composition. Like the photo of the leaf above. My intention was to really capture the patterns and the texture of the leaf to show the beauty the tactual aspect of the photograph.

There are a lot to photograph around us all we need to do is look hard enough so we may notice the beauty of our surroundings. Using your macro lens, get in closer and you will discover a new world within your world.

The photo above is of a dry leaf I picked up in the yard, it was taken using the cheap $5 light box , a pro optic budget auto extension tube, a canon ef 85mm F/1.8 usm and a canon rebel xs, adjusted to black and white tone using Photoshop CS5.

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