The Bug – Small and Colorful – Macro Week

Small But Terrible

Day 4. I don’t know what kind of creature this is, but it’s nice and colorful, I see them all time in the bushes. Looks like they feed on leaves and some wild flowers. This was taken using an EF 28-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS USM with a Pro Optic Budget Auto Extension Tube.

I like using the 28-135mm lens with my pro optic extenstion tube because of the ergonomics, i can handle it better compare to the ef 85mm, i also love it’s focus ring, smooth and great for focusing, well just like the 85mm, i guess i like it because of the size of the lens. The downside, it’s not as fast as the ef 85 F/1.8 and it’s heavy. Also with the 85mm I can get greater magnification when using the same number of extension tube.

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