Wild Flowers From our Backyard

Wild Flower – Canon EOS 60D WIth Tamron 180mm F/3.5 Macro Lens – ISO 320, 1/250, F/10

My Olympus PEN-E-pl1 has been my daily companion  for the past month now, and I’ve come to appreciate it more and more, I like it mainly because it’s really light, small and it can give me a good quality image, maybe not as good as my DSLR’s but close.    But today, I thought of using my backup camera, the Canon EOS 60d. I kinda miss using it, the grip feels really good, and the optical viewfinder is just a relief compare to the electronic viewfinder and Lcd of the PEN E-PL1, but wow, it is heavy, especially with the Tamron 180mm F/3.5 Macro attached to it.

I shot this flower (don’t know what it’s name is) in our backyard with the Canon EOS 60D and Tamron 180mm Macro lens, our backyard and surrounding areas are my favorite place to photograph insects, flowers even birds. You don’t need to go far make great photographs, I was able to photograph bees, fly, water dropplets and birds to name a few.


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