Backyard Bird Photo Studio

Backyard Bird Photo Studio

Spring time is almost around the corner, I’m really excited to be able to do some backyard photography, in fact I’ve already seen the birds playing around every morning. Because of that I decided to make a simple Backyard Bird Photo Studio. I got myself a bird feeder. Actually I bought this back in late fall because it was on sale at the local walmart for about $2.

Yesterday I noticed the birds were all over the place, so I decided to hook it up and give it a try. When I got up this morning I was so happy to see the birds playing around and eating the seeds in the bird feeder. So I quickly brewed some coffee and grab my eos 20d and EF 70-200mm and position myself to were I can see the birds clearly. I waited for about 10 minutes for the birds to get used to my presence then after a while, they were just bouncing back and forth on the bird feeder as if I wasn’t there enjoying their presence. The only regret I had was to not use a tripod. So tomorrow, I will have to do that first thing when I get up.

Backyard Bird Photo Studio

So yes, a cheap solution for those who enjoy taking photos of birds in their backyard. A simple bird feeder is all that I needed, there are lots of choices, some cheap, some costs more than $15.00. If you decide to get one, just get what’s suitable for your yard, you can even get those bigger once that can hold lots of seeds, but if you have lots of squirrels, they’ll just going to eat all the seeds, so you might want to take that into considerations.


Here some more photos of the bird in the backyard studio taking turns enjoying their seeds.

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