Daytime Long Exposure


There are many ways to do a long exposure during daytime and one of that is to use a smaller aperture (Large F number).

For this photo, I wanted to have that silky smooth look from the flowing water,  to achieve that, I need to use a slower shutter speed, in this case the camera gave me 1.3 sec.  Here's how I set it up,  camera on a tripod in the water, I used aperture priority, set my ISO to 100 to get the cleanest possible image, 200 is also good at that time when I shot this. I dialed my aperture to F/22 and set the timer on the Canon 60d and fired away.  I played around with different aperture settings until I i was satisfied with the result, I started at F/16 and ended up using F/22. The resulting image is the photo above. I also played with composition, and different location and this is my favorite spot.  I like how it came out, not as boring in real life.


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