HDR Saves the Day. The BLH Approach(Bracket Like Hell).

GW Masonic Memorial
Above Photo is the George Washington Masonic Memorial Temple in Alexandria, Virginia

It was a crappy weekend, it was dark, the sky was all grey, flat, no cloud formations, I think I had a short glimpse of the sun, in other words, not really a good time to shoot beautiful landscape. I was on my way out of the Alexandria Amtrak Train station when I notice the GW Masonic Memorial Temple right across the street, i said to myself, I wish I was here on a bright sunny day with great cloud formations… Well too bad, better luck next time. But then I remember the BLH (bracket like hell ) approach, yeah I can make an HDR photo of this and maybe I can create a useable photo of the memorial. It’s worth a try. So I did BLH. I sat down on a corner just outside the train station and set the camer’s AEB and shot three frames, camera was set in Aperture Priority, aperture set at f/9.0, iso at 400, at 17mm using a canon 20d and tamron 17-50mm vc. Exposures was at 1/2500sec, 1/6400 sec, and 1/1000 sec.

GW Masonic Memorial BW Focus on the Temple
George Washington Masonic Memorial Temple in Black and White Focus on Temple

Comparing the original photo below and the first photo, you can see that the HDR really makes a difference and it can surely save the day.

GW Masonic Memorial-Original Sample09

This HDR was processed using Adobe Lightroom 2.7 and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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