How to Pop A Part of Your Photo Using Photoshop Part II

Racing in the Snow? This isn't right.

This is Part II of How to Pop A Part of Your Photo using Photoshop and this time with the help of Topaz Adjust Photoshop plugin. Both method works, for me, but I like the result with topaz adjust better, first because, it’s easier to use and faster, and it can give more impact to the photo using the friendly design interface. Don’t get me wrong, you can do all these in Photoshop, but Topaz Adjust has got it all in one place, just like a one stop shop.


Here’s how I do it using the Topaz Adjust Plugin:

  1. Assuming you’re already inside Photoshop CS5, with your image ready for editing.
  2. Use the Quick Selection tool to select the part of the image that you want to enhance.
  3. Press Ctrl J to copy and create the portion that you selected to a new layer.
  4. Select the newly created layer that you created, the on the menu above, select Filter –> Topaz Labs –> Topaz adjust.
  5. My favorite topaz adjust preset is the Mild Details, so here I choose Mild details, and click ok.
  6. And here is the final result below.

Topaz Adjust is a great tool with a total of 39 presets and only costs $49.00. Go give it a try for free for 30 days, you can download the trial here now.

You can also read a mini review I did on Topaz Adjust here.

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