Lightroom 3 Error : “The following files were imported but could not be renamed”

Last weekend, I encountered an error in Lightroom. When I import direct from the card into my Lightroom 3.4 Library I get the following message stating something like:

Import results.

Some import operations were not performed:
The following files were imported but could not be renamed.


When I pressed ok. I hen realized that some of the files that were listed not renamed where actually missing in the catalog, as shown in the photo above. So I went on to investigate, I launch windows explorer and went directly on to the  import folder to see what was in there.  I then found out while looking at inside the import folder that the files that lightroom reported not renamed where actually copied and renamed correctly, for some reason lightroom was not able to correctly link to the physical files.

To fix the problem, I went back to my lightroom catalog and remove all the files that were reported missing. I then open the import dialogue and import the files from the import folder (not the card) using the option Add photos to catalog without moving them. After the import I checked the files if everything was in placed and proceeded with my next batch of import.  Luckily the error didn’t happen again.

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