My 2011 New Years Photo Resolutions

Ni Hao

Last year, my photo resolution was to take a new photo each day and post it here on my website, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete it. This year I made a new list of photo resolutions here they are:

  • Go back to basics. Sometimes it’s a good idea to look back and learn the basics, (Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, the exposure Triangle, lights, flash etc.)
  • Shoot More – This year, time permits, I will take a lot of photos, practice makes perfect.
  • Make and Post a new photograph each day. I created a new category on my site for My 2011 Daily Photos, it’s right here.
  • Take more photos on the streets and take more photos of people.
  • Learn A New Style of Photogrpahy
  • Create more HDR – High Dynamic Range Photos
  • Make more photos with artificial lighting. I need to utilize my speedlites and do more off camera flash stuff.
  • One of my week points is on composition, I need to practice on that.
  • Continue and finish the District Project.
  • I need to take a camera every time, everywhere. I use to always bring a camera with me all the time but lately, I’ve been really a slacker. Next time I’ll bring a camera anywhere I go, even a point and shoot will do.
  • Get Organized – I need to go through my Lightroom Catalog  and review all my photos. Removed the ones I don’t need and check for duplicates, I know I have a lot of those.
  • Improve on my Lightroom and Photoshop skills.
  • Learn to use new tools like Nik’s Softwares, OnOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite, and a lot more.
  • I won’t think about new gear too much.
  • I will blog more, share more, share anything I know and anything that I will learn about photography.

Let’s make 2011 a great year for photographers. Do you have any New Year’s Photo Resolutions for 2011? Care to share? Just post a comment below.

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