Reduce Noise On Your Images Using Lightroom 3

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Photo 1.

Today, I’m really excited to share to you one of lightroom 3’s awesome feature, it’s Lightroom’s Superior Noise Reduction capability. If you’ve used Lightroom 2’s noise reduction feature, I know you will agree with me when I say that it really sucks. But with the release of Lightroom 3, all of that has changed. As an example, take a look at Photo 1(above) and Photo 2 (below). This photo was taken indoor at ISO 400 which naturally will have some noise, now take a close look at photo 2 and examine the before and after. You can see that the noise was dramatically reduced or gone.

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Photo 2.

To reduce the noise in your image, all you have to do is go to the Develop module and scroll down to the Detail Section and then under that you should see Noise Reduction right after Sharpening, as shown in Photo 2. Now Zoom in on a section of your photo(optional) to at least 1:1 for better visibility of the noise and effects of your changes. In the Noise Reduction section adjust the sliders to your liking. The first thing I do is to adjust the Luminance initially to 30 which for me does the work most the time, and sometimes in 50 like the sample photo I used in this post. Just remember that the first three sliders affect Luminance noise and the last two sliders affect color noise.


Luminance Reduces luminance noise.
Detail Controls the luminance noise threshold. Useful for very noisy photos. Higher values preserve more detail but may produce noisier results. Lower values produce cleaner results but may also remove some detail.
Contrast Controls luminance contrast. Useful for very noisy photos. Higher values preserve contrast but may produce noisy blotches or mottling. Lower values produce smoother results but may also have less contrast.
Color Reduces color noise.
Detail Controls the color noise threshold. Higher values protect thin, detailed color edges but may result in color speckling. Lower values remove color speckles but may result in color bleeding.


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