Render 1:1 Lightroom Preview

Photo 1. Render 1:1 Preview

Before, I don’t pay much attention to the previews in lightroom, after importing my photos, I’m done and I will just deal with it later. But as my Lightroom Catalog grows, I noticed that when I click on a thumbnail, the preview takes time to load. I’ve learned that by calling up a pre-created preview will save me a good amount of time.

It’s easy to create or render a 1:1 Preview of each of your photos and I suggest you do it every time you import photos to your catalog. Your import may take longer than usual, but believe me, you are saving yourself a lot of time, once your previews are rendered after the import, you will notice a performance improvement in your workflow.

Here’s how to render a 1:1 preview on import:

  • On the upper right hand side of your Lightroom 3 Import Dialog Box, you’ll see the section File Handling and directly under it is the Render Previews (see Photo 1 above).
  • This section will tell lightroom how it will handle previews right after the import process.
  • Choose 1:1(see Photo 1 above), and start to import your photos.
  • You should see a progress bar on the upper left corner of your screen and right after the copy and import, you should see the Rendering Preview progress bar like in the photo below (Photo 2).

Adobe Lightroom Reference Books :

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