Shivering - Cropped

A couple of days after I got my new Canon EF 70-210mm F4 lens, I decided to give it a test. This bird was one of the first 5 shots I took with the new lens. I noticed that she was just standing there on top of the snow and not moving, a few seconds after I took the photo she flew away, as if she just waited for me to take the shot.
ShiveringThis is the original uncropped version of this photo

Camera : Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) Lens : Canon EF 70-210mm F4
Exposure : 1/200sec at F8
Focal Length : 107mm
ISO : 200
Mode : Shutter Priority
Processing : Cropped using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

Thanks to D. Travis North

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10 thoughts on “Shivering

  1. Flickr: D. Travis North

    I like the shot, but I feel it might have benefited from a tighter crop. I’d like to see more detail of the bird and less detail of everything around it. The bird should easily take up a third of the image. Perhaps that is just a personal opinion.

  2. Flickr:

    Thank you so much, i was looking at the picture before I uploaded it and was thinking of a way to make the bird standout, but i didnt think of cropping it tighther. your suggestion really is great, I like it. thanks again