Simple Infrared Photography with Sony Cybershot DSC-V3


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For more than a year I have been using my old 5mp Sony Cybershot DSC-V1 for simple infrared photography. Last month I upgraded it to a Sony Cybershot DSC-V3, which you can see on the photo on the right. The Sony DSC-V3 is an upgraded version of the DSC-V1 and has a lot of improvements lke:

  • 7.1 megapixels
  • supports Raw/Tiff/Jpeg
  • accepts Compact Flash/Memory Stick/Memory Stick Pro
  • Like the DSC-V3, it accepts conversion tubes or adapter tube, great for attaching conversion lenses and filters, great for what I needed it for.
  • and like all Sony camera’s it has the NightShot Mode for my infrared photography.

For simple infrared photography, Sony Point and Shoot cameras like this is perfect. Their built-in nightshot feature makes them an instant infrared camera, no conversion or modification needed to the camera and best of all, when you’re done taking infrared photos, you can still use them as ordinary camera. When you switch these camera to nightshot mode, the built-in IR Blocking filter is temporarily remove allowing all sorts of light spectrum to be visible on the sensor, now all we need is an Infrared filter like the one shown below together with the adapter tube. This will ensure that only IR Light reaches the sensor in during daytime. I also use a Hoya NDX8 Neutral Density filter to lessen the light and avoid over exposure, if the light / sun isn’t too bright I remove the Neutral Density Filter and just leaves the IR filter on the tube.


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Accessories for this setup from left to right:

This setup is great for simple infrared photography, but it has one small problem. When you use Sony’s nightshot feature, the camera will only work on P (Auto Program), and Full Auto Mode. Sony disabled to control the Shutter Speed and Aperture settings of the camera, M/A and S modes will not work. On both the DSC-V3 and DSC-V1 shutter speed set to 1/30 and Aperture is fixed at F/2.8, in P mode you can adjust the exposure, and in full auto, the camera controls everything.

Here are some of the IR Photos taken with the Sony DSC-V3:

The Ring
Urban LandscapeDownload Hi-Res | Buy Print
Download Hi-Res | Buy Print
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