Use External Flash for Backyard Bird Photography

Use Flash

Taking beautiful photos of birds are every photographers quest and it can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Like for example in situations where the bird is in a shaded area, this is where our external flash comes in. When I started taking photos of birds it really didn’t occur to me to use my 430 EX II Flash, I don’t even bring it because it adds to the weight.

Well not anymore, now, every time I go out to photograph birds, I always have my external flash with me ready for action. It can really save you in situations where the light isn’t enough. In most situations I set it to full blast since the subjects are always too far.

Backyard Birds-2

In cases where your flash output isn’t enough, you can use an accessory called the flash output booster from Better Beamer. There are available booster for different types of flash, please see below:

The Better Beamer flash booster can also be use in photographing other wildlife subjects not just birds:

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