Use the Lightroom Adjustment Brush to Enhance Small Sections or Part of Photos


Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush is a really powerful tool. With it, you can make local adjustments to your photos with having to touch the entire photograph. This is one of my most used feature in Lightroom, let's take the photo above as an example. I used the adjustment brush to boost the exposure, brightness, shadow and details of the frog without touching the other parts of the photo. See the before and after image below:

To learn more about Lightroom's Adjustment brush, watch this video from adobe tv I shared more than a month ago. The video was presented by Matt Kloskowski.

Info about the photo:

This is a Golden Poison Frog (Phyllobates Terribillis). These tiny creatures live in the lowland rainforests of Colombia. The golden poison frog's skin is highly toxic, making it the most poisonous amphibian in the world. Native Colombians rub the frog's skin on the tips of their hunting arrows and darts.

The endangered Golden Poison Frog is intelligent and captive terribilis can recognize human caregivers after exposure of a few weeks. 

Photo was taken at the Smithsonian National Zoo Amazonia Exibit, in Washington DC.

Gear use for this photo:

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