Weekly Blog Post April 17-23 2011

Please Backup Your Lightroom Catalog

BackupCatalog1Photo 1. Backup Options

The other day, it was early morning around 7 am, after opening lightroom and loading my catalog, the not so reliable Windows 7 crash. I wasn’t surprised or anything, because you know Windows there are those times that he just want’s to crash whenever it wants to. Anyway, it’s done it before while I while working in lightroom, and the next time I load my Catalog, everything is fine, but this time, it’s different and it’s also the first time to see the message below (Err Mess. 1):

Correct Image Perspective and Lens Flaws Using Lens Correction Profiles
[singlepic id=672 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Lens Correction,  this is one of the new features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom  3.0 that I really, really like . It gives photographers the ability to quickly and easily perfect images by automatically reducing lens defects like geometric distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting with single-click profiles. Even images from the best lenses will be improved.

The Profile options in the Lens Corrections panel of the Develop module correct distortions in common camera lenses. The profiles are based on Exif metadata that identifies the camera and lens that captured the photo, and the profiles compensate accordingly.

Increase Lightroom Camera Raw Cache

Camera Raw Cache Settings

Every time we view a photo in Lightroom the image must first be loaded into Camera Raw. That’s where Camera Raw cache comes into play. It caches recently opened images so that it’s faster the next time we opened them. Caching this data significantly shortens the loading time when we return to a previously viewed photo.

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