What is the Best Camera Brand for Someone Starting In Photography?

EF 50mm F-1.8 Review

Canon Rebel XS with EF 50mm F/1.8

A few people have asked this question, because I think it’s a little bit overwhelming to some, especially with tons of Brands not to mention models to choose from. Well, it’s really not that hard, because it really doesn’t matter which brand you pick, because you cannot go wrong with any of these manufacturers, the cheapest dlsr today is 100 times more powerful than the most expensive camera 10 or 15 years ago.

My answer is this. First ask your friends, relatives and close acquaintances what camera brand do they use. If most of your friends and relatives shoot canon, then buy a canon, if most of them shoot pentax, then get a pentax. The advantage to this is you’ll have someone familiar with brand you choose and they can guide you on your learning process, you’ll also have someone who you can ask questions to, and the best of all, you can borrow or even try out some other gear they have, you can have a feel of what’s right for you.

Also you have to evaluate yourself by asking these simple questions, how far are you going with this photography thing, how serious are you then go from there, and the last thing I tell people is to just buy the one that they can afford.

Demb Flash Diffuser Pro-3

Canon Rebel XS with EF 50mm F/1.8

If you need more resources, it’s time to go to the web, there are tons of reliable sources out there that offer reliable reviews. First you can visit the stores below, they have reviews provided by their customers and Adorama offers some photography tutorials for free:

Four Channel PT-04 Wireless Flass Trigger-3

Canon 20d

Here are the reliable review sites that I always go to:

A few years ago I was in the same position, and since no one around me shoots a DSLR, what I did was, I did a research and bought myself a Canon Rebel XS, and as I progress, I have accumulated a total of 5 Lenses, two camera bodies, one external flash, a set of wireless flash triggers 4 camera bags, a tripod, ball head, monopod and much more.

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