When Photographing Wildlife, Look For Something That Tells A Story

Taken with a 70-200mm F/4L IS USM Lens. ISO 400, 200mm, 1/200, F/4, Aperture Priority.

Photographing wildlife at the local zoo can be really fun and exciting and at the same time challenging and frustrating. Why? First off at the zoo photographers have to overcome some barriers and obstructions that limits the photographers ability to capture the subject and the scene at it’s bests. Examples of such obstructions are fences, animal tags, buildings, cages, concrete floors and the one thing I hate most, glass cages.

To capture the beauty of wildlife in the zoo, I always look for a story on every photograph I make. Let’s take for example the photo above titled Caring for the Young, it’s not just a photo of a flamingo feeding her chick, it tells a story how all living creatures cares for it’s love ones most especially their siblings. For me the photo is beautiful and also conveys an emotional attachment to the viewer.

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