Krispy Kreme Dark Chocolate Kreme Doughnuts. Day 16

Krispy Kreme Dark Chocolate Kreme Donuts

This is so delicious. This is Krispy kreme’s new Dark Chocolate Kreme doughnut. It has a Rich, Dark Chocolate Kreme Filling, Dipped in a Delicious Dark Chocolate Icing and Drizzled with Milk Chocolate. Wow, how do you like that??

Setup for this shot is simple. I have to use a flash because the light in the kitchen isn’t enough and it’s a cloudy day so no luck with light coming from the window either. I use my 430EX II flash, off camera, and bounce the light off a white ceiling. It was a quick shot and don’t have much time for fancy setup.

Photo was taken handheld with my Canon Rebel XS and Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 VC, set in Manual Exposure, aperture F/5.6, at 1/40sec, using ISO 100.


Big advantage getting your flash off your camera is that, you can position your light where you want it, where it can add more impact to your image. Lastly with off camera flash, you’ll have more control over lighting.

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