Wrist Watch Close-Up:Photo of The Day for 02-04-11 Day 35

Swiss Army
This is the back of my Swiss Army Watch. Shot with a Canon Rebel XS, and EF 85mm 1.8

This is the back of the same wrist watch I photograph yesterday, I’ve had this watch for a very long time and it’s my favorite one, but I really don’t notice those scratches in the back until today when I shot the close-up photo. Anyway, lighting the watch was fairly easy, compare to yesterday, the only light source was a soft white flourescent light and the flash, this one I use ambient light from the window and use the flash as fill. I could have gotten away with just the ambient light, but prefer use the flash anyway. Let me know what you think, I really appreciate any input you may have. Thanks.

Photo created using :

More info :

  • Exposure Program : Manual
  • Shutter Speed :  1/160
  • Aperture :  F/3.5
  • ISO :  200
  • Lightsource : Off camera flash
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