Demb Flash Diffuser Pro Mini Review

Demb Flash Diffuser Pro-2

First of, here's a few words to describe the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro, lite, simple, reliable and it simply works. I bought my Demb Flash Diffuser 4 months ago, and I have been using it ever since. I'm glad I bought it. I've use it in events, gatherings, children's party and it never fails me. I first learned about this product when I was searching flickr for easy to use flash diffuser, there I found the Demb Flip-it group pool. I was hesitant at first because there aren't many reviews that talk about the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro and at that time it was still new, so what I did was I made my own DIY Demb Diffuser out of household items I can find in the kitchen, you can see it here. It works, and I use it for sometime before deciding to get the real one. Features I Like:

  • Simple
  • Made of Good Quality Material
  • Reliable
  • Small/Easily Fits on any of my bag or jacket
  • Works well all around. Indoor, outdoor,high ceiling.
  • Can also be use as a pop-up flash diffuser. See the pictures at the bottom.

What I don't Like:

  • Like any other diffuser that uses a velcro loop system, I'm not sure how long the velcro system will last.

Where I have use it?

  • Macro – I use flash 90%-95% of the time when taking macro photos to improve the quality of light and I do that with the help of the Demb Flash Diffuser.
    [flickrset id=”72157624812559532″ thumbnail=”square” overlay=”true” size=”medium”]
  • Events – Here's one occasion that I have use the demb from start to finish. Please click here.
  • Indoors with high ceiling
  • Outdoors
  • Fill flash

Where to buy your Demb Flash Diffuser Pro:

Amazon | B&H

Here are some of the photos of the Demb Flash Diffuser attached to my Canon 430EX II in used on my Canon EOS 20D.

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