FD Mount Asanuma 80-250mm F/4.5 Telephoto Lens Review.


This is my Asanuma 80-250mm F/4.5 Telephoto Lens for Canon FD Mount. Pretty good looking for a lens this old. Oh and this is what you can call Full Metal Jacket, it’s all metal and it's really darn heavy, I feel like I need to start working out so I can use it handheld. I bought it for my PEN E-PL1 and to play around with my current Canon DSLRS. I will post a review of the lens as soon as I get a chance to use it.



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One thought on “FD Mount Asanuma 80-250mm F/4.5 Telephoto Lens Review.

  1. Hector Mireles

    I just resurrected my Asanuma 80-250 lens and I’m pleased. I have the M42 mount, and I bought an adaptor to fit with my Nikon D80. Chromatic aberations visible on the edges. BUt other than that, it is very nice.


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