Friday Gear Review : Visible Dust Sensor Swab

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This guys are the best sensor cleaners.

I have a few dust specs on the sensors of both my 20d and rebel xs, I don’t bother to clean them or send my camera bodies for professional cleaning because the dust are so few I can quickly remove them in post. Then I came across the VSwab from Visible dust and decided to give it a try. I both the smallest kit they have which is $19.95, they call it the EZ Sensor Kit and it has 4 swabs and a 1ml Smear Away cleaner. The kit is small and can easily fit into my bag.

I tried it first on my Canon 20d, it’s very easy and it works. I used two swabs because I noticed I missed 1 on the right corner so I repeated the process, on my Rebel XS, I was able to clean the sensor using just one swab.

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Before you buy the swab please refer to the VisibleDust.Com’s DSLR Sensor Size Chart, if you are not familiar on sensor sizes, and if it’s your first time to clean your camera’s sensor, don’t be afraid, there’s acomprehensive guide here. Please remember, before you try to clean your sensor, make sure that your work area is clean and free of dust as much as possible.

You can buy VisibleDust products from Amazon:

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