Giottos CL1001 Large Cleaning Kit with Small Rocket Blaster Review


The Giottos CL1001 Large Cleaning Kit with Small Rocket Blaster, a kit that packs a lot of punch. I’ve had this kit for over a year now, and is as reliable from the first day it arrived. I bought this kit because of the included rocket blower, I was looking for one at that time, but when I saw this kit, together with the brush, I immediately bought one. The rocket blower and the brush is great in situation where you just need to blow dust out of the lens without wiping or touching the lens, perfect in dusty surroundings.


  • 5.3 Inc Rocket Blaster
  • Lint-Free white micro fiber cleaning cloth (not shown in photo)
  • Alcohol and ammonia-free cleaning
  • Soft goat’s hair brush
  • Safe for use with all camera, digital cameras, filters, cell phones, LCD screens, eyeglasses, binoculars and other optical equipment

It’s a great product, and like what I have mentioned above, it is still as reliable since the first day I got it. I highly recommend you get one. I frequently use the rocket blower, the brush and cloth, sometimes I also use the included alcohol cleaning solution. I have not use the included swabs. I shoot on most weekends and after every shoot, I use the rocket blower to blow dust out of the lens and then use the brush to lightly brush off any remaining dust debris, and lastly, if needed, I use the cloth to wipe off smudges if there’s any, but this seldom happens. If I need to use the cloth to wipe the lens I always use the rocket blower first, then the brush and the cloth last, never wipe your lens when there’s dust around, there’s a chance it might get damage, it’s a good practice to blow out the dust first before using a cloth to wipe it. I also use the rocket blower to clean the sensor on my canon bodies, most of the time it’s the only thing I need, if not I also have some Visible Dust Sensor Swabs for cleaning my sensors.
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