OP/TECH Compact Sling, The Perfect Strap for My Mirrorless Cameras.

OP/TECH USA Compact Sling for Cameras

I’ve been using the OP/TECH USA Compact Sling for my Olympus Mirrorless Camera’s for more than two months now and all I can say is, “it is the perfect camera strap for most mirrorless system cameras.”

The OP/TECH USA Compact Sling was made by OP/Tech USA, a company well known for their huge lineup of utility and camera straps, interchangeable connector systems, pouches and other camera accessories.

OP/TECH USA Compact Sling

Sling Camera straps are my favorite. I have been a long time fan and user of the Black Rapid straps for my Canon DSLRs, and I have been using the same strap for my E-PL1’s. When I bought my PEN E-PL3 last November, I thought of looking for a strap that fits the Mirrorless system. Not that I don’t like my Black Rapid RS strap, it’s a just I’m looking for something a bit slim and not too expensive. The OP/TECH USA Compact Sling just fits the bill. It’s it’s cheap, slim and it’s a sling.


The OP/Tech Sling Strap attached to my Olympus PEN E-PL3


This strap is made of neoprene which feels comfortable and very secure. I love the slim design which greatly complement the mirror system especially the e-pl3 which is small. The connectors are well built and hard to detached. I tried pulling it really hard just to test if it will come off, it did not.

Additional Connectors:

OP/TECH USA Mini QD Loops – 1.5mm attached to my Olympus Mirrorless System Camera

I bought additional OP/TECH USA Mini QD Loops – 1.5mm that I used on my OM-D EM-5 and PEN E-PL1. This work really well for me, the QD loops makes it easy to switch cameras.

OP/TECH USA Mini QD Loops – 1.5mm attached to my Olympus Mirrorless System Camera

If you are looking for a slim, reliable camera strap for your mirrorless system cameras that won’t break the bank, this is the strap for you.

You can get the OP/Tech USA Compact Sling from Amazon for less than $8.00 and the Mini QD Loops for less than $6.00(contains 4 Mini QD Loops Connectors):

Update : Feb 12, 2015

After almost a year of using this strap, I stop using this and upgraded to the OP/TECH USA Utility Strap – Sling and the OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap. I feel more secure with this new setup especially with my bigger mirrorless cameras. The OP/TECH USA Compact Sling Strap is a great strap for small cameras, like the EP-L3, Panasonic GM1 or a point and shoot, but for bigger cameras I wanted a strap system that I can use with any camera be it a DSLR or a Compact System Camera

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