Protect Your Gear From Rain With The Op/Tech SLR Rainsleeve

Op/Tech 18″ SLR Rainsleeve Covering a Canon EOS 60D with a EF 70-200mm F/4L IS USM.

It’s a good thing I always have the Op/Tech rainsleeve in my bag. It rain a little bit when I was in the forest last Sunday. It just feels good to know that I have it there just in case I’ll need it. This rainsleeve is a Polyethylene design for cameras with an attached lens of at least 7″ diameter and 18″ long. It’s just right when you are using a lens in the 70-200 or longer zoom range. I don’t use it on smaller lenses, it’s just annoying to use, there’s just too much excess sleeve. But for longer lenses, I don’t have any problem and I recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap rain protection. It only cost around $6 – $7 a pack which contains two sleeves. I just love this rainsleeves I always keep one on my bag together with large freezer bag. Just remember not to poke a hole and your gear will stay dry even if you shoot all day.


  • Protects your gear from dust and inclement weather;
  • Designed for handheld use or tripod application;
  • Unique eyepiece opening adapts to most viewfinders for viewing through the lens- not plastic!;
  • Fits lenses measuring up to 7″ (17,8 cm) in diameter & up to 18″ (45,7 cm) in length;
  • Drawstring lens opening offers easy access and a snug fit; Includes two Rainsleeves per package


  • Cheap, you get two sleeves in one pack.
  • Keeps your gear dry.
  • So small and easy to carry, I can store it anywhere in my bags.
  • Works with tripods, monopods and handheld.
  • Works really well for longer telephoto lenses.


None. If you are looking to use this on shorter lenses, it’s just not made for them.

There are two varieties of the Op/Tech rainsleeve, the Op/Tech 18″, which was design for cameras not using a external flash, and the other one is design to accomodate and external flash

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