Quick Look at The New YongNuo Speedlite YN-560

Wow!!!! All I can say when i first saw it, was Wow!!!. It looks like or close to a Canon 580EX flash, the build quality seems very good. I bought this as an additional flash for strobist setup. Now I have two flash the 430 ex II and this.

YongNuo Speedlite YN-560.

First off, the YongNuo Speedlite YN-560 is a manual flash with a guide no. of 58 @ ISO 100, 105mm. This is comparable to mainstream flash from Canon or Nikon. I’d like to emphasize that it’s a manual flash that  doesn’t support E-TTL or I-TTL.

YongNuo Speedlite YN-560YongNuo Speedlite YN-560.

First impression.

Overall, I think I’m going to like it. This is a lot for $65.00.  It came nicely pack on a box and wrap on a bubble wrap. It also includes a nice felt drawstring bag and a small stand. It has a PC Sync port, the charging cycle is fast at  3 seconds or less, faster than my 430Ex II, it has sound indicator that tells you if the charging process is done. Because of the improved wireless triggering sensor, I can use my Canon 60D’s built-in flash to wirelessly remote control the YN-560 without any problem. The indicators on the back panel is quite confusing at first but it gets easier to understand once you get the hang of it. The battery doors are nice, this is one of the reason why I did not get the YN-468 even though it is E-TTL compatible. Most people who bought the YN-468 complained that the battery door broke within a month.  To summarize it all, here are the reasons why chose this flash:

  • price, it’s really cheap for $65.00.
  • this flash’s build quality feels really solid.
  • power are comparable to high end flash from Canon and Nikon
  • controls are well placed and easy to use, in fact, in manual mode, this is easier to use than the 430 EXII.
  • supports external battery pack.
  • includes a bounce card which can come really handy.
  • supports power saving mode.
  • pc connector plus hot shoe.
  • remote ‘S1’ and ‘S2’ mode.
  • compatible to canon’s wireless remote flash systems, can be controlled by a canon 60d’s built-in flash,a 580 ex on S2mode, or probably even an ST-e2 (have not tested it but it should work).
  • recycle time is fast
  • swivel and tilt work great, awesome for bouncing flash, or for any creative position.

After a night of playing with it and comparing it with my 430EX II, I can say that I can recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use manual flash. In fact the only thing I find missing on this flash is the E-TTL, overall, it’s a great buy for $65.00. You can buy the YN-560 Speedlight from Amazon.

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