Review Sunwayfoto DPL-03 Arca-Swiss Compatible Universal L Plate

The Sunwayfoto DPL-03 Arca-Swiss Compatible Universal L-Plate is priced at $89 at the time of this writing. First of I must say it is made of high quality materials, build quality is excellent. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Arca Swiss type L Plate from Really Right Stuff and Kirk Enterprises, then, you might want to take a look at the Sunwayfoto L Plates.

We all know why we need an L Plate or L Bracket for our camera so let’s go right into the review. I bought my DPL-03 L-Plate from Amazon, and it came  nicely pack on a small red and black box with a really great protective padding. When I was holding the package, the first think I noticed was it was really light(80g).

Top/Front side of the box
Bottom side of the box
Inside rotective paddings

The Sunwayfoto DPL-03 L-Plate is precision CNC machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, it feels really nice and sturdy and I can tell that it can last a life time. In the box you will find the DPL-03 L-Plate, 3 different size allen wrench, a 1/4″ hex screw and two extra small screws that goes underneath the base of the plate to serve as a lock when place on an arca swiss type clamp. The DPL-03 is the only model with a removable / movable backstop, meaning it can be mounted on either side of the rail and it can also be mounted in 3 different positions on each side, making it flexible and compatible with most type of DSLR’s. This is the reason why I picked the DPL-03 from the other models, I’m planning to use it on my EOS 60D and EOS 40D. So far I have only tested it on my EOS 60D and my feelings are mixed.  Sunwayfoto has 4 L-Plates in it’s line up, DPL-01, DPL-02, DPL-03 and DPL-04. DPL-01,02 and 04 doesn’t have movable/ interchangeable backstop, dpl-04 has the widest based for really large camera.

Fits Nicely on the EOS 60D

Does not block the battery door

Does not get in the way of the rotating screen

The Good:Without the 60d battery grip(BG-E9), the DPL-03 fits snugly on the EOS 60D, it’s like a perfect fit. It does not block the battery door which is important, the rotating display screen of the 60d can be freely rotated to any position and switching from landscape to portrait is just plain easy.

The Bad:Since this is a Universal L-Plate it’s really not designed for a specific camera and because the side bracket is not completely open it blocks most of the entry points on the left of the 60d, like the HDMI, mic port, and the shutter release cable. There’s just no way for me to fit the mic jack on top or the shutter release cable on the bottom. The only work around is to adjust the bracket to have some space between the bracket and the camera, but doing so may introduce unwanted vibrations when using it in portrait mode. Another way is to use a hacksaw to remove the obstruction on the side.

With the BG-E9 Battery Grip

Fits OK on the EOS 60D with battery grip

from the back

Completely blocks the battery door of the grip.
Rotating screen can be adjusted to any position

Also works on portrait mode

Now the mic port and shutter release ports are free from obstuction.

The DPL-03 also works when the BG-E9 Battery grip of the 60d is attached. It actually works better for me, first I never take out my battery grip, it’s on my camera 100% of the time so taking it on and off would be too much. This actually solves the obstruction problem. if I use it with the battery grip, it frees up the mic port, hdmi and shutter release cable, the usb is still block but that’s ok, since I never really use it.

The bad: It block’s the battery door completely. But since I use two batteries all the time, may not have to change batteries that often.


Overall all, the DPL-03 L Plate from Sunwayfoto is a great product, quality wise, it is excellent. Usability? It depends on what you need, how you use your camera with it and on what type of camera you have. It somehow works for me, but I still can’t decide if I will keep it or if I’m going to return it. I still haven’t tested it with my older EOS 40d, maybe after that, I can decide if I’m keeping it or not.

The Sunwayfoto DPL-03 Arca-Swiss Compatible Universal L Plate is available at:

More photos of the Sunwayfoto DPL-03 Arca-Swiss Compatible Universal L Plate:

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One thought on “Review Sunwayfoto DPL-03 Arca-Swiss Compatible Universal L Plate

  1. eric reeves

    Very nice review. Now that it has been 3 months, how do you still like it? No inherent flaws recently uncovered? Also, since you showed one in the pictures, how do you like the fotopro ball head? They look like a good deal and your picture looks like it is solid construction. Thanks.


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