Topaz Adjust 4 Mini Review

Topaz Adjust is a Photoshop Plugin, which means you’ll need Photoshop to use it. It will run on versions of adobe photoshop cs3, cs4 and the latest, cs5.  I use the plugin on my finishing touches, mainly to pop the photo, add contrast, color  and detail. Also with Topaz adjust, you can create a great looking pseudo HDR sort of HDR like looking images from just one photo, be it a jpg, tiff, or your camera’s native raw file, and I can say that it does it really good.

I’ve had Topaz adjust for quite sometime but I never really tried it until a month ago, and when I finally use it, all I can say is, it’s just an awesome tool, it has tons of presets to choose from, and best of all, you can fine tune it’s presets until you get the look you like. It is really a great tool and is only $49, way cheaper compare to other similar plugins like Lucis Pro which cost around $500. Topaz Adjust is available on their website at TopazLabs.Com. I highly recommend it and this plugin should always be in every photographers gear box.  Scroll down to view some of the sample images and to continue on the mini review.


Let’s take the first sample photo above, this is an hdr created in photoshop cs5 and as you can see on the left it’s dull and kinda boring, now if you look on the right side you will see an improved version of the image with better color, contrast and with much more detail, and in this image I use one of the built-in presets (Color Blast)  and did little tweaking on the slide bars.


Above is another hdr image in the fish market in DC, this hdr was also created using PHotoshop CS5. I really liked the final output in Photoshop CS5, but for the sake of testing Topaz Adjust I decided to give it a go to see how it will look like, and frankly I was blown out with result. The photo look much better than before.

After having tried Topaz Adjust, I was impressed with it’s capabilities, Topaz Labs description of Adjust is true to itself:

Topaz Adjust is the easiest way to make your photos pop. Adjust optimizes image exposure, color, and detail strength for stunning image results. Quality exposure adjustment in Photoshop is cumbersome and sometimes frustrating. Topaz Adjust makes this process simple, fun, and highly rewarding.

With a total of 39 presets  you get a lot for your $49.00. Go give it a try for free for 30 days, download the trial here now.

Next week I will try to give a full review of the product. For now here are some more photos that were enhanced using Topaz Adjust:

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27 thoughts on “Topaz Adjust 4 Mini Review

  1. Flickr: vic_bonefixer

    hehehe i thought i was too late to comment already. read the mini review. I think it’s cool plug-in. makes the colors pop out. gives nice contrast too. by the way I saw your IRs, ganda! i’m just wondering why some IRs dont have the red colors while yung sa yo have it. anyway, I bought an IR filter out of curiosity and took some pics, ang result is meron syang Red so i converted it to B&W to immitate some of the IR pics that i see. lol!!