Today The KodaChrome Say Farewell

Back in June 22, 2009 Kodak announced they will discontinue production and sales of KODACHROME Color Film, ending it’s 74-year run as a photography icon. Sales of KODACHROME, which became the world’s first commercially successful color film in 1935, have declined dramatically in recent years as photographers turned to other films or digital capture. KODACHROME represents just a fraction of one percent of Kodak’s total sales of still-picture films at that time.

Today, Dwayne’s Photo, the last developer in world located in Kansas, has stopped accepting rolls to be developed. Photographers had until noon today to get their film in, shockingly people from all corners of the world rushed in their final rolls, deliveries by Fedex included 500 packages and 18 bags from the Postal Service, most of them was Kodachrome.

Here’s a video featuring Steve McCurry as he reflects back to the days of the KodaChrome.

Here’s Kodak’s 2009 tribute to Kodachrome.
KODACHROME Film – Discontinuance Notice

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