Lens Hoods and The Benefits of Using One.

Lens Hoods are lens accessories that we put on the end of our camera lenses. The primary reason lens hoods were created was to block light from hitting the front element of our lens to prevent lens flare. Is it required to use a lens hood? Certainly not. It’s an optional accesory, but an important one. Why? Aside from prenventing lens flare, you can use it to protect your lens, it is an effective means of protection, they are strong, reliable and because they extend, it prevents a lot of things from hitting the front element of you lens. Here are some of the benefits of using a lens hood:

  • Helps reduce lens flare
  • Great for Lens Protection better than a UV Protection Filter
  • Stops anything from hitting the front element of the lens
  • Offers great all around protection that ranges from a simple finger prints, scratches, and or broken lens.

So the next time you use your camera, make sure you use a lens hood. Note : It is ok to buy third party lens hood. They do ok, works just as well as the original and they are not expensive. You can buy third party lens hoods for your lens from TheLensHood.Com.

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