See Your Flickr Photos in Black Background

I used to wonder when would flickr offer a black theme or way to display my photostream with black background, but not anymore, thanks to services like Flickriver, Fluidr and Bighugelabs. I love the first two, FlickRiver and FluidR they both offer an excellent theme for your photostream with black background, also with FlickRiver you can create a FlickRiverBadge like the one below and you can display it on your website for example or include the code when you post a comment on flickr.

sweetspot@f8 - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

Both FlickRiver and FluidR offer some protection for your photos, but with bighugelabs, anyone can just easily grab your photos, but I see a lot of other people use bighugelabs to display their photos on black background, I might try it their other services, when I get a chance, but for now my favorites are FlickRiver and FluidR.

Click here to view my Flickr Photostream in FlickrRiver.Com.
Click here to view my Flickr Photostream in FluidR.Com.
Click here to view one of my moon shot using the BigHugeLabs Service.

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